Having Computer Issues?

Are you having issues with your computer? Before you pull out that hammer of yours you should give me a call. I can help you retrieve all your files from a dead computer; I can speed-up that old machine of yours; I can even build you a website or a computer, promote your local business via social media, help you design a logo, edit photos or videos … I can do a little bit of everything within the digital realm.

Beau Boeye the Technology Wizard

I have been working IT since 2007 when I started as an Assistant Technology Director for the Red Oak Community School District my Freshman year of High School. My magical touch and my promising ability for computer whispering has allowed me to be unique within the field. Equipped with a positive attitude, charisma, and a good smile—I’m easy to work with and I make sure I get the job done right.

Availability & Cost

I operate my business differently compared to others. I'm not looking to empty your wallet—I'm looking to help relieve you of your technological stress & the barriers that keep you from moving forward with your work. My flexible schedule and low overhead allows me to work with you at a very affordable rate. I do house calls; I can stop by your place of business; I can even arrange a computer drop-off/pick-up. Whatever the issue calls for.

 Let's be real, I can help you with almost anything computer related!

Give me a call (712) 370-2371 and let's see what I can do for you.

Because it never hurts to ask!

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